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  • Message from the People's Climate March

    The last five days have been a bullet ride. So many great events, panels and activities, ceremonies, catching up with old friends, meeting new allies, walking with an estimated 410,000 caring souls for the People’s Climate March, and finally, flooding the streets of Wall Street.

  • An American Nightmare: The Wedgewood Community

    Originally Posted on Life Support Project. “My husband died of renal failure, my neighbor died of renal failure, my other neighbor behind me died of cancer. The lady over there, her granddaughter’s six months pregnant, and was just diagnosed with breast cancer. They live right here at the pit.”

    We’re standing in the parking lot of the Marie K. Young Community Center in the Wedgewood community of Pensacola, Florida, a quiet African-American neighborhood.

  • Africatown Notables

    My city of Mobile, Alabama is a charming and picturesque Southern community. With its large antebellum homes and vast array of tall pine trees and massive oak trees overhanging Springhill Avenue, Mobile is a city that can rival any Southern city for beauty and scenery. However, the creative minds of the people of Mobile are one of the unique characteristics that elevate the city of Mobile above other Southern cities.


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