September 2010

You will not learn this from the National News Media..So I have come to share this with you...
Be informed people of America, of what is going on in your back yard...

For ALL my friends who think things are just fine and back to normal along ...the coast...Think again..We are still fighting the big oil company as your life goes on...I am here to tell ya if someone doesn't listen, then you can expect things to start getting nasty...

Bayou La Batre 9/12/10    Bayou La Batre 9/12/10   These are but a few of the images coming out of Bayou La Batre, Alabama today, September 12, 2010.  A few fishermen risked harassment and arrest in order to document what appears to be oil and oil/dispersant mix coming ashore.  Several reports were made with the Bayou La Batre Police Department and other government agencies.  Shortly after these photos were taken, three airboa

Most of you know my story by now. Four years ago, back when the banks were getting bailed out and the people were getting bailed on, I lost the first house I ever owned. After moving to South Louisiana and rebuilding our lives, my husband and I were able to move ourselves and our 6 children into a beautiful new home. Three days later the moratorium hit - and I say hit, because it was like a punch in the stomach to the people of our area. 

In the past few weeks, independent scientists, fishermen, journalists, and advocates have taken testing of Gulf waters, sand, and seafood into their own hands.  The results prove that the Gulf still has dangerous levels of oil and toxic dispersants from the BP disaster, despite claims from federal agencies and BP.

Here is a state by state overview of some of these investigations.

What's going on with his famous phase shrimp boat
"48 hrs and you'll get a check??"
I did my claim, last Monday and it's still
Under review!!
I've been a shrimper, more than 20 years
and I know people, that have only crabbed 2 years
and they've already received their checks!!!
What's the hold up???   They did their claims 3-4 days after I did?!
I don't know what to think, anymore !!