Voices from the Gulf

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In the pictures below, I was out shooting around the oil spill one day. There were cleanup workers everywhere. Yellow buoy floating all around the pier. I happen to catch this crane just standing on the pier, next to some guys fishing off the pier. The unusual thing was. It didn't budge at all. I got very close to it. It never moved. It just moved to the side to let me walk right by. So, I took a few snap shots of it.

ana_chauBayou La Batre, Alabama - Like so many on the Gulf Coast, Ana Chau is dealing with two disasters.

This time last year, she and her husband made their living shucking oysters.  Now they are out of work, their industry crippled indefinitely by the millions of gallons of crude oil and toxic dispersant dumped into the Gulf of Mexico by BP.

catfish_youtubeThis weekend James "Catfish" Miller, was hospitalized after falling ill during a boat ride in the Gulf of Mexico.  A commercial shrimper from D'Iberville, Mississippi, Catfish is certain his illness was caused by chemical dispersants sprayed on the Gulf in response to the BP oil disaster.

But his doctor at the Biloxi Regional Medical Center called it "acid reflux," without doing a test for chemical poisoning.