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baratariaBy Eugene Hickman. My name is Eugene Hickman. My wife and I have been commercial fishermen living in Barataria, Louisiana for 25 years. I also am a United States Coast Guard licensed charter boat captain. I ran a charter boat for a company, in exchange for free housing and a boat slip for my commercial fishing boat on the company's property. On days I didn't have charters I would fish commercially.

In a letter published in today's Advocate, the Vice President of Operations of Texas Brine states that the company's sinkhole in Bayou Corne, LA has caused "no residential property damage." But some Bayou Corne residents disagree, and are posting photos on Facebook to show what they say are residential property damages caused by the ongoing disaster. Residents say they have informed both Texas Brine and local officials of these damages.

As Congress stumbles through an embarrassing year-end game of fiscal brinkmanship, the world continues its slow burn toward unchartered and dangerous territory. It’s a future that threatens us all with more cataclysmic storms, punishing drought, mind-boggling Arctic ice melts, and more ferocious fires and floods. Scientists say future years to come will only get worse as we continue to spew billions of tons of climate-altering carbon pollution into the air.  

For those of you who do not know already, this year has been a journey of  learning and becoming aware. This journey began years ago, when my adopted  Dad went on an expedition and came back trying to educate people, including his bosses at Shell, as to what damage the oil industry was causing to the Continental Shelf.  This harm would not be stopped or slowed until change was brought about. Little did I know how close to home this would hit for me.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, I've been working with organizations across the coast to ensure children in our communities have the best Christmas possible. Gulf Coast families have taken hit after hit, year after year from hurricanes, the BP Oil Disaster and then again this year from Hurricane Isaac. Our families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and essential needs met, in far too many cases leaving no resources for Christmas gifts or even a good Christmas dinner.

Crossposted from Facing South -  A professor who left the University of Texas at Austin following a scandal over his failure to disclose his oil and gas industry connections is now heading up a nonprofit, taxpayer-supported water research institute in Louisiana --  and he is still being less than candid about his industry ties.

 On November 27, news broke about a black teenager in Jacksonville named Jordan Davis who was shot and killed by 45-year-old Michael David Dunn apparently after an argument between the two over loud music. On November 28, news broke about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, the frontrunner to replace Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State, who has financial holdings in a number of companies that could benefit from the building of the destructive Keystone XL project. 

diane wilsonOn Monday December 3rd, Diane Wilson walked out of the Harris County Jail a free woman after being arrested for blockading a Valero Refinery. But her act of civil disobedience didn't end there: she's been on a hunger strike for 13 days, and says she won't stop until Valero divests from the Keystone XL pipeline.