October 2010

Karen Hopkins, a Grand Isle resident and seafood worker who has become sick from dispersants, is one of the organizers of tomorrow's Rally for Gulf Change on the Louisiana State Capitol.

She recently told Bridge The Gulf what the rally is all about:

We're calling on all our local and state politicians to be there, so we can find out who's going to be working with the citizens of the Gulf Coast...

cherriOver six months have passed since the devastating loss of life in the Gulf of Mexico. On April 20 of this year,11 good men: Roy Wyatt Kemp, Blair Manuel, Dewey Revette, Shane Roshto, Jason Anderson, Aaron Dale Burkeen, Donald Clark, Stephen Curtis, Karl Kleppinger, Adam Weise and Gordon Jones; lost their lives in a few moments at sea.

Coden Alabama - Yesterday and today, at the Coastal Response Center, StoryCorps, hosted by South Bay Communities Alliance, recorded the voices of 13 Katrina and BP disaster survivors from coastal Alabama.  StoryCorps is the largest oral history project of its kind, and millions listen to the award-winning broadcasts on NPR’s Morning Edition and on their website, www.storycorps.org.