Recovery for All

Being intentional about "healing" the open wounds and the powerlessness of those victimized by "man-made" disasters is just as important as environmental recovery. The recovery of the environment is intertwined with the recovery of our humanity. Every time a "man made" disaster occurs the emotional, mental, and spiritual strengths erodes. Due to the multigenerational nature of these "unnatural" disasters, internalized messages of lack and limits reinforces a culture of oppression.  We must begin to take time out amidst our reactions to these disasters to focus on healing these open wounds. We can start by making sure we are taking care of and rejuvenating ourselves for the long haul. We must collectively focus our time, energy, and attention on building our personal and collective strengths.  We can reinforce these strengths by focusing on our resilience and the inherited strengths  from our elders and ancestors  and be true to who we are. We must shine the light and be honest about the gaps in our strengths for it to be effectively filled. We must see these disasters for the temporary circumstances that they are and know for sure we can rise above them. We must get out our boxes of isolation and cliques to realize the abundance that new experiences and collective sharing has to offer. We must use the lessons learned from our collective experiences, tap into all of our divine skills and talents as sustainable tools for human and environmental restoration and recovery.

Divine Power Awaits You!

ANGELA SIMS-WINFREY is the CEO/Lead Consultant of Divine Power Transformation Network, LLC. Angela, a lifelong community organizer has shared her experiences, skills and talents for over 25 years in the field of personal and community empowerment.

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