We who believe in freedom cannot rest

We who believe in freedom CANNOT REST!! The loss of Troy Davis is a living testimony that we must continue the conversation about the Justice System; From the ways people enter, the inhuman conditions that PEOPLE go through while they are in jail, and the way people exit and re-enter society. Let's mourn but do not give up. Know that the battle may be lost but the war has just begun.

Let us Pray: Oh Divine Creator of the Heavens and the Earths, hear our pray that NO ONE ELSE is killed by this horrendous Death Penalty.  St. Francis - Pray for us.

My thoughts as I mourn the death of my brother Troy Davis: With some hours away from this loss, I can say the movement has been given another tool to fight this beast. I encourage conversations and strategic planning to kill the Death Penalty.  

We cannot forget one of the larger constructs which has been forgotten in this conversation: RACISM. This monster kills everyone; But as some are saying, "They say it could have been any of us... We say it was ALL of us!!," we must keep in context that it is punishable by law to be a person of color in America. We cannot get stuck on just Troy, but know that there is another brother or sister somewhere in the world that is dealing with the beast of the Death Penalty. We are not fighting for us we are fighting for our children's children. 

Editor's note: In the wake of Troy Davis's execution in Georgia, Bridge the Gulf asked a few of our contributors and leaders in the social justice movement to share some of their reflections.  Read the other posts:

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Derek Rankins was born and raised in New Orleans.  He attends Tulane University, and works with the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond.