I Say No to the Kemper County Lignite Coal Plant

Mississippi Power has maneuvered and finagled and managed to get a bill through the Mississippi legislature to make 185,000 families pay the bill to build this $5 billion coal plant. This would double our power bills… If they want to build that power plant, I don't care. But if they want me to pay for it, untried, untested, whether it every kicks out a kilowatt of energy or not, I say no.

Editor's Note: St. Martin traveled with a busload of people to the Public Service Commission meeting in Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday, March 5th, to speak out against the Kemper County coal plant. Despite their objections, the Public Service Commission approved an increase of 15% of customers' energy bills, to start paying for the plant.

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Linda St. Martin is a resident of Gulfport, Mississippi and a member of Mississippians for Affordable Energy and the Sierra Club.