Independent Findings of Scientists, Fishermen, Journalists and Advocates

Independent scientists, fishermen, journalists, and advocates have taken testing of Gulf waters, sand, and seafood into their own hands.  The results prove that the Gulf still has dangerous levels of oil and toxic dispersants from the BP disaster, despite claims from federal agencies and BP.

What follows is a state by state overview of some of these investigations.

If you have findings to contribute, please submit a comment to Bridge The Gulf.

Regional Findings

FDA Standards for Gulf Seafood May Be Lower than Those in Past Oil Spills  Level of Concern varies from other spills, FDA refuses to release lab results without Freedom of Information Act request - Mobile Press-Register, September 5th.


Independent tests find oil spill contamination in Louisiana oysters and crabs  Tests by LEAN, Wilma Subra, Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper. August 31st, Facing South.

Watch Mr. Kaltofen explain why dispersants mixed with oil are more harmful than just crude oil (from Florida Oil Spill Law).

Photos: Oil And Chemical Dispersant Corexit All Over Barataria Bay
August 30th, Alexandra Higgins Blog


Despite "All Clear," Mississippi Sound Tests Positive for Oil  
Oil found by MS fishermen, Testing done by anonymous lab -  August 29th, Truthout.

Lab Results Raise New Concerns Over Gulf Seafood  Tests done by Boston Chemical Data Corp. finds dispersant in Biloxi water - August 31st, AOL News.

Degraded Oil in Mississippi Sound Tests Positive for Dispersants  Oil in MS Sound tests positive for ingredient in Corexit, Testing done by Marco Kaltofen -  Aug. 31st, Mobile Press-Register.


August 28th, CNN - Oil off of Dauphin Island

Cotton Bayou tests positive for dispersants. WKRG News (via Florida Oil Spill Law), Aug. 19th

Alabama and Florida

Corexit in Florida and Alabama Waters 8/24/2010Project Gulf Impact,
Raw footage of oil and dispersant plumes -  August 24th


Florida family made sick by corexit in swimming pool. Testing done by R. Naman on family swimming pool in Homossasa , FL August 30th, Florida Oil Spill Law.