13 Days - A Follow Up to "48 Hours and No Check"

13 Days!!
But it's not what I expected!!
BP was paying me $1200 a month x 6 months -  should have got $7,200
I only received half of that!shrimp   boat

When I asked why?
And how?
They arrived at that figure?
The adjustor didn't know?!!
And if I wanted more money,
I'd have to file for my final payment!!

What in the h*!! is going on with this BS??  
The GCCF & Ken Feinberg, are playin' games with peoples' lives!!!
You don't have to be a rocket scientist , to multiply $1200 x6 and get $7,200!!!
I don't understand any of this " Sh*t"!!

It took 13 days and a lot of BS !!
Not 48 hrs!!!
To receive pennies, not dollars! 

                                                   Fisherman's Name                                                    Withheld Upon Request