New Photos! Oily "peanut butter" gunk washes up in Bayou la Batre

bayou goop 1
Here are new photos of the oily gunk that washed up all around Bayou La Batre, Alabama, yesterday.  The photos were taken by Minh V. Le, who says he's never seen anything like it in his 11 years as a shrimper in the area.  I spoke with Minh today, along with fisherman Christopher Laforce and others eyewitnesses in the small fishing town on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Article, video, and more photos coming soon.  In the meantime, see more of Minh's photos from Bridge the Gulf's flickr account.

The "peanut butter"-like substance was mostly gone from the shores today; the fishermen say its because of the strong winds from the north and outgoing tide.

oily goop 2
oil goop 3

oily goop 4

All photos: please credit Minh V. Le.