Rally in Baton Rouge tomorrow: "We want to know where the candidates stand"

Karen Hopkins, a Grand Isle resident and seafood worker who has become sick from dispersants, is one of the organizers of tomorrow's Rally for Gulf Change on the Louisiana State Capitol.

She recently told Bridge The Gulf what the rally is all about:

We're calling on all our local and state politicians to be there, so we can find out who's going to be working with the citizens of the Gulf Coast...

We want to ask questions... 'We know you're running for election... do you believe that all the oil is gone?  How will you support the Louisiana citizens... in helping us to deal with the fall-out?'  Because this is not over, and it won't be for a very, very long time...

It's not political, but we want to know where the candidates stand before election time.  So we can tell... who we believe is going to be able to march forward with us and represent us adequately, and promote our safety, and protect our health, and promote the safety of the seafood... 

We want everyone who can possibly be there to be there... to make a stand and to ask questions, so we know which direction to take on election day.


Join Karen and the Rally for Gulf Change tomorrow in Baton Rouge: