Time to Roll

cherriOkay, ladies and gents, for 6 months now I have seen you. Toiling away, sharing information, doing what you can to make an impact of some kind over this horrific event. 

I see your heart. I have felt your spirit. And I say the time is now, to make a statement across the Gulf.

Below I have numbers to the LA Federal Representatives and Senators, BP, and other relevant entities. I am asking you to make some calls. If you just call one a day until you get throught the list you will make an impact. If you call them all in one day, you will make an impact. If you call one, and then stop, you will make an impact. The point is, use the time you can allow, and make an impact! That is what we need. United we are not only a front against this, we are a voting force - an army of compassion.

Did you know that George Washington was really just a farmer? That Teresa of Calcutta was once just a school girl? That Mahatma Ghandi was a bookeeper? What are you, if not as great as these small people? What are you, if not as great as these great people? We, all of us, are heroes on the inside. Be ours. Make a 5 minute phone call.

If you are having syptoms of poisoning resulting from the spill call:

Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Mental Health Issues call:

National Suicide Prevention Crisis Hotline Oil Spill - 1-800-985-5990

Make your voice heard:

National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill remarks - http://www.oilspillcommission.gov/share-your-ideas/your-experiences

BP America Press Office - 1-281-366-0265

PB Press Office London - 44-207496-4076

U.S. Coast Guard Joint Information Center - 1-713-323-1670/1

Lisa Jackson, EPA - 202-564-4700

U.S. Representative - Steve Scalise - 202-225-3015, Metarie office 504-837-1259

U.S. Representative - Joseph Cao - 202-225-6636, New Orleans office 504-483-2325

U.S. Representative - Charlie Melancon - 202-225-4031

U.S. Representative - Rodney Alexander - 202-225-8490, Monroe office 318-322-3500, Alexandria Office - 318-445-0818

U.S. Representative - Charles Boustany - 202-225-2031, Lafayette office 337-235-6322, Lake Charles office 337-433-1747

President Obama - http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

Governor Bobby Jindal - http://www.gov.louisiana.gov/index.cfm?md=form&tmp=emailgovernor

U.S. Sentor Mary Landrieu - http://landrieu.senate.gov/about/contact.cfm

Please be respectful but firm. We need health, mental health, environmental, industry, and cultural issues regarding the BP oil spill addressed now.

P.S. I suggest that everyone in the other Gulf states make and share similar lists. If you are not in that Reps district say "I am not in your disctrict but I have friends who are and we both demand action on these issues."

Good Luck and God Bless You. SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

Cherri Foytlin is an oil worker's wife, mother of six, Louisiana resident and journalist whose family has been deeply impacted by the BP Gulf Oil Spill and consequential moratorium on deep water drilling. She has been a constant voice, speaking out to the Obama Administration's Gulf Oil Spill Commission, and in countless forms of media. On July 15, 2010, in a CNN interview, she called out to the president for help, but was unanswered. She has also spoken at "The Rally for Economic Survival" and at the "Spill Into Washington Rally" in Washington D.C.where she challenged the American people to get involved in what she sees as an "atrocity on the shores" of the Gulf Coast. In addition, Cherri has written and illustrated a children's coloring book on coastal errosion. Cherri will continue her fight for the industries, people, culture and wildlife of south Lousiana and the Gulf Coast "until we are made whole again".  Read more posts by and about Cherri here, here and here.