Wreckage to Recovery

After Apr 27th the whole world seemed to change. For many it would never be the same. One of the tornadoes that smashed through Alabama came right over my house and left it in pretty bad shape. Many others were much worse. Some lived, some died, none would ever look at a tornado in the same light again.

The tornado also did what over 100 years of history could not. It took down the oldest and longest rail road bridge in the Southeast.  Built in 1909 it was an historic icon in our community.

John Wathen is a photographer and videographer with investigative skills learned over years working as an advocate with such organizations as the Citizens Coal Council and the international WATERKEEPER Alliance. Using SouthWings as flight partners, Wathen and SouthWings were able to produce video and photo documentation of the BP Slick disaster like no one else.  Read his blog BP Slick: http://bpoilslick.blogspot.com/.