Dolphins are mammals. Humans are mammals. Shouldn't they receive the same protection and care?

Dolphins are mammals.  Humans are mammals.  Our fishing community family’s breath the same air, swim in the same waters and eat many of the same foods.  Our families are suffering the same symptoms as the dolphins.  When dolphins, turtles and other wildlife have been found alive, they receive health care and treatment, as they should.  What does it say about a society when human families do not receive the same immediate concern, care and treatment, but are left to suffer?

Tracy Kuhns is founder and executive director of Louisiana Bayoukeeper in Barataria, Louisiana, founder of the Fishing Community Family Support Center, and president of the GO FISH coalition. A shrimper, mother of 5 and grandmother of 17, Tracy is dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural resources, traditional coastal fishing life and communities of coastal Louisiana. Follow Tracy on Bayoukeeper's Posterous Updates.