Sinkhole Caused Property Damage, Bayou Corne Residents Say

In a letter published in today's Advocate, the Vice President of Operations of Texas Brine states that the company's sinkhole in Bayou Corne, LA has caused "no residential property damage." But some Bayou Corne residents disagree, and are posting photos on Facebook to show what they say are residential property damages caused by the ongoing disaster. Residents say they have informed both Texas Brine and local officials of these damages.


Gary Joseph Metrejean evacuated his Bayou Corne home on August 3, 2012.  This crack on one side of his living room wall appeared while he was away.

A second crack runs vertically along Gary Joseph Metrejean's living room wall.

A crack that appeared under Ken Simoneaux's carport


Another Bayou Corne resident's carport, showing cracks attributed to the sinkhole disaster.



Karen Savage teaches middle school math in the Boston Public Schools.  She began volunteering in Mississippi's Turkey Creek community nearly ten years ago, and now volunteers for the Bridge the Gulf, the Gulf Coast Fund, Gulf Change, Turkey Creek Community Initiatives and the Gulf Restoration Network