Gulf Coast R.E.A.C.H.'s Turkey Donation success!

Bridge the Gulf contributor Mickey Sou recounts his experience distributing pies and turkeys over Thanksgiving to people who are hurting because of the BP oil disaster.

Fishermen, seafood factory workers, shrimpers, truck drivers, even the man who sits there at the corner and sells those delicious Gulf Shrimp; All came for a free turkey and pie! Free? Yes, you heard me, FREE turkeys and pies for people affected by the oil disaster.


Never in my life had I imagined driving a truck bed full of frozen turkeys, piled all the way to the top. I was scared to make a quick turn and send turkeys flying all over I-10. Well not really fly, because turkeys don't fly. Driving in front of me was Tony, with a car full of pumpkin, sweet potato, apple and pecan pie stacked high.


Once we got to our rendezvous, there was a steady stream of people. Nice people with big smiles on their faces. Many people like Marvin Craft.

Marvin Craft worked as an oyster shucker before the disaster. The oyster house he was employed at had closed down due to the oil disaster. So now he is out of a job. This forced him to actually go ask for food stamps and stand in line for food donations. One of the thousands still waiting on a check from BP, Marvin looks up to organizations like ours for help and support.

We had people come from Bayou Le Batre, Alabama; Venice and Chalmette, Louisiana and all over the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  It was a great day to put a smile on these people faces, but it was also to sad to hear how they were affected by this oil spill disaster.


There are a lot of unexpected events on this planet Earth that could happen such as this oil disaster, events that affect your way of life, forcing you to do the unthinkable. I believe that having a dedicated organization in the community is very rare. I urge everyone to at least give their time in volunteering with your local community. Trust me. It is very rewarding to the mind.

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