Oil Spill

Fresh Louisiana crude washed into the beaches and dock areas near Grand Isle over the weekend, creating a sickening sight for the residents of this oil battered region. The reddish brown crude and oily sheen lapped onto the sandy and rocky shores, while some people flocked to Grand Isle’s famous white beaches for spring break unaware of the oily assault nearby.

Bridge the Gulf contributor Mickey Sou recounts his experience distributing pies and turkeys over Thanksgiving to people who are hurting because of the BP oil disaster.

Fishermen, seafood factory workers, shrimpers, truck drivers, even the man who sits there at the corner and sells those delicious Gulf Shrimp; All came for a free turkey and pie! Free? Yes, you heard me, FREE turkeys and pies for people affected by the oil disaster.

In the pictures below, I was out shooting around the oil spill one day. There were cleanup workers everywhere. Yellow buoy floating all around the pier. I happen to catch this crane just standing on the pier, next to some guys fishing off the pier. The unusual thing was. It didn't budge at all. I got very close to it. It never moved. It just moved to the side to let me walk right by. So, I took a few snap shots of it.

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