1000 Cranes

In the pictures below, I was out shooting around the oil spill one day. There were cleanup workers everywhere. Yellow buoy floating all around the pier. I happen to catch this crane just standing on the pier, next to some guys fishing off the pier. The unusual thing was. It didn't budge at all. I got very close to it. It never moved. It just moved to the side to let me walk right by. So, I took a few snap shots of it.

It made me wonder. Why is it just sitting here? Does this bird know what is happening right now with the oil disaster? Is it waiting for the guys to catch a fish and feed him? It really made me wonder if the animals really knew what was going on. Never scared or once dare fly away. It seems like the crane knew what was wrong with the water? It was quite interesting and maybe one day we will figure it out. Maybe it is trying to tell us something?

In the Asian culture, the crane is the symbol for long life, prosperity and good health.
The crane is a very strong symbolic meaning. This mystic bird has a very strong and graceful stance. This is a very intelligent creature. It makes you wonder sometimes. What is thinking as it sits there fearlessly watching over us. Maybe it is a sign of hope for our future along the MS Gulf Coast.

-Mickey Sou

Crane sitting at the Front Beach (Ocean Springs, MS) Pier