Blood Money

This is truth. This is what the people are facing down here. If you have any interest in the genocide that is happening in our Gulf, if you are not afraid to know the truth, watch this.

Video description:

The TRUTH of what is happening to our way of life is now in plain view. Some of these images may be disturbing, but it's important you see what has happened here.

Please join fishermen, oil workers, non-profits, and coastal citizens Saturday, November 20th in Grand Isle, Louisiana at 1 PM ...You'll get a chance to hear from those who have lived this nightmare.

The song is written by Rev. Goat and performed by Dr. John. This video is the hard work of Eric Breaux who documented the first "Solution to Pollution" session at Dockside studio with Dr. John, Drew Landry, Korey Richie, Michael Juan Nunez, the Michot Bro's, The Primeaux family, Abe Manuel Jr., Steve & Wish Nails, Eric Heigle, Phillippe Billeaudeaux, Chris Stafford and many others.

Footage and pics were captured by Drew Wheelan, Eric Breaux, Holt Webb, Cherri Foytlin, Karen Hopkins, and countless coastal citizens. Please keep us in your prayers and pass this on to anyone who tells you the thing is over. Our main focus now is to give those on the Coast with declining health issues a voice. We will not go quietly...

Cherri Foytlin is an oil worker's wife, mother of six, Louisiana resident and journalist whose family has been deeply impacted by the BP Gulf Oil Disaster and consequential moratorium on deep water drilling. She has been a constant voice, speaking out to the Obama Administration's Gulf Oil Spill Commission, and in countless forms of media. On July 15, 2010, in a CNN interview, she called out to the president for help, but was unanswered. She has also spoken at "The Rally for Economic Survival" and at the "Spill Into Washington Rally" in Washington D.C.where she challenged the American people to get involved in what she sees as an "atrocity on the shores" of the Gulf Coast. In addition, Cherri has written and illustrated a children's coloring book on coastal errosion. Cherri will continue her fight for the industries, people, culture and wildlife of south Lousiana and the Gulf Coast "until we are made whole again".