What can we learn from the Mississippi River flooding?

The Mississippi River flood of 2011 is one of the largest in the history and threatened numerous communities. Due to the successful operation of a number of designed safety valves, the worst-case flood impacts were avoided, but oil & gas industry infrastructure was inundated, and a massive land-building opportunity was missed.

In this video by the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN), experts weigh in on the lessons of this flood, and what should have been learned by the BP drilling disaster.

The video features interviews with GRN's Deputy Director Aaron Viles, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade's founding Director Anne Rolfes, and John Barry, author and member of both the Southeast Louisiana Flood Control Authority East (which oversees the New Orleans-area levees) and the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

This is episode 13 in the Gulf Restoration Network's Gulf Tides video series.  You can watch more episodes on GRN's YouTube page.