juvenile justice

This story originally appeared on Juvenile Justice Information Exchange.

They won’t give his name. They won’t give his age, either. Or any other identifying information other than that he is a male and was in custody at the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison in Louisiana. Sent to a hospital for a drug overdose, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Monday’s viral video of a young student being flipped and flung from her desk by Deputy Ben Fields at South Carolina’s Spring Valley High School, is certainly not the first to expose the growing concern for the overreaction and over policing of children, and in particular children of color.

While questions remain for some, America can no longer bare the cost of these continuing acts of assault upon those to whom we as adults are obligated to protect.

Tonight on my way home, I told my 13 year-old son that Troy Davis was put to death by the State of Georgia.  He immediately broke into tears.  I was taken aback by his reaction.  We were just coming from his school football game where he had an awesome tackle and we should have been focusing and having a joyous discussion about that.  But he asked me how my day went and when he was studying the constitution in school we had discussed Troy Davis and the right to a fair

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