stephen teagueStephen Teague is a staff attorney at the Mississippi Center for Justice, where his main work is providing free legal assistance to people who have claims with the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), the mechanism that was set up to compensate those who suffered economic losses as a result of the BP oil disaster.  He recently spoke about the GCCF with Bridge The Gulf and the Institute for Southern Studie

joey yerkes vooBy Joey Yerkes.  April 21st, 2012.   On this day two years ago I was anchored up on the East side of Destin pass, stocking up with live cigar minnows, waiting for the morning rush of boats to come out the pass. It was still dark, and pretty early, so I kicked back and gathered my thoughts before the rush. There was a faint smell of burnt crude in the air, and I already knew what had happened the night before.

The second anniversary/memorial of the BP Deep Water Drilling Oil Disaster has come and gone.  It was awesome to see events held in every Gulf state in commemoration. So many good people coming together to pay their respects to the 11 fallen, and to stand in protection of our people, wetlands, fisheries, beaches, sea life, cultures and waters.


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