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atchafalaya basinWe, the people of the Gulf of Mexico, have been born, raised, or adopted into a living, breathing region, whose cultures span the continents. We have nourished ourselves from the Gulfstream waters. Our cities breathe, our ecosystems speak, and we proudly and artfully contribute to the economic and cultural fabric of our nation and world.

The second anniversary/memorial of the BP Deep Water Drilling Oil Disaster has come and gone.  It was awesome to see events held in every Gulf state in commemoration. So many good people coming together to pay their respects to the 11 fallen, and to stand in protection of our people, wetlands, fisheries, beaches, sea life, cultures and waters.

connect the dotsOriginally posted on Facebook, April 4th 2012. The week before last I was invited to speak at a Gulf Coast justice leadership summit held in Mobile, AL. While there I had the fortune of meeting and speaking with more than a handful of folks who have been working on environmental justice issues on a local and regional level for many years – some, as long as half a century.

marsh clean-upMarch 25, 2012, This is an initial analysis, based on information provided by the Plaintiffs Steering Committee, regarding the health claims outlined in the BP settlement. The final details of the proposed settlement have not been hammered out as of yet – all the more reason we must approach these issues now.

Please feel free to express your opinion as well. All thoughts are appreciated.

Editors Note: In Friday's New York Times, business columnist Joe Nocera argues that the BP settlement is a lawyers' scheme to "gin up" new clients and squeeze more money out of BP.  He writes that "the vast majority of legitimate claims have already been paid by Feinberg" and that the new claims process established by the settlement will result in mostly "bogus" claims.  Nocera specifically ridicules the BP settlement for addre


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