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On August 23 a delegation of more than 20 Gulf Coast citizens, including myself, BP first responder clean-up workers, fishermen and community organizers will be traveling to Washington D.C. to join our voices with indigenous leaders, scientific experts, celebrities and environmentalists in opposing the proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline.

10:00am CST - 1:00pm CST - Teach-In For Unification for Environmental Justice in the Gulf Coast - Location: First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans, 5212 Claiborne, New Orleans, LA - All are invited to share and learn what various organizations and communities are doing and ways we can best unite the Gulf Coast to ensure justice for those continuously affected by irresponsible industries, concerning spills, chemical plants, toxic waste dumps, oil refineries, and more. Speakers include: Dr. Mike Robichaux, 2005 Robert F.

Over the last few months people across this great Gulf, and nation, have been organizing. I wish to make you aware of not only the effort, but of the possibility of your part in it, should you decide to answer the call.

The intent of the below actions are to be all-inclusive. The reason for that is, as my friend Fritzi said recently, “Sticks in a bundle cannot be broken”. There is a way for you to participate in saving the Gulf and her people - and further our world.

One year has passed since the announcement was made that the oil had stopped flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. I remember that day explicitly because it was the same day I went on national television and asked, demanded really, that the President come down and meet with the people being affected.


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